Baltimore's local Perl Mongers community

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April 6: The DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop (DCBPW)

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  • The Baltimore and DC PM groups have teamed-up once again to host a one-day Perl workshop. It will have two tracks of speakers, discussing innovative, exciting, and fun real-world usage of Perl and related technologies. The workshop will be held at the Silver Spring Civic Building in Silver Spring, Maryland on Saturday, April 6, 2019. Free admission for speakers, unemployed, and students!

Our Group

The Baltimore Perl Mongers is a group of people local to the Baltimore, Maryland area with an interest in the Perl programming language. People of all levels of programming experience are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Our Meetings

You can expect a casual meeting. Some members bring laptops, but you don't have to. Meetings are generally comprised of prepared talks from members. Topics vary and varied topics are encouraged. If you've considered giving a talk or making a presentation to a small audience, this may be the place for you to try it out. Beginner and advanced talks are welcome! SmartLogic has been very generous in providing pizza for our meetings, so there's food. Finally, sometimes, we have a social meeting where we just go out somewhere and socialize.

Sponsored By...

The Perl Foundation, which generously helps out with many behind-the-scenes tasks, including invaluable assistance in helping and ourselves in putting on the annual DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop.